Nic’s Nutrition photoshoot

This weekend I had the NN-11pleasure of photographing Nichola of Nic’s Nutrition at her home in Yorkshire. Nichola is a registered dietitian who works for the NHS but blogs about healthy eating and living in her spare time and has amassed a huge following of 15k fans on YouTube. And no wonder – she is every bit as sparky, energetic and knowledgable in real-life as she is in her videos, and her passion for helping people eat well shines through.

The weekend shoot started well, with Nic being called into the BBC Breakfast studios to talk about the latest sugar scandal. This meant an early start for her and plenty of time for me to look around her kitchen and garden to find great spots to take her picture.

NN-15Thankfully, the weather decided to join in the fun. The first photos we took were out in the garden and the mid-morning sunshine gave us fantastic light to play with. The shot to the left was one of our favourites – I got Nic to walk down the garden path towards me to put bounce into her hair! We chose a dark dress for these first few shots to give contrast against the path and plants around her, with the light floaty material helping to create  a sense of movement and life in the photograph.

I knew Nic wanted new head shots for her social media profiles but as the morning wore on, we started to get a bit more creative together and began talking about future blog posts. A stop for a cup of tea led to finding a mug printed with her initial ‘N’, and a pretty little tea cup and saucer. We decided the ‘N’ mug would be good for Nic’s Nutrition branded shots and the tea cup for blog posts about herbals teas, so we started to play around with different shots, such as the ones below:



I was delighted that Nic was happy for me to get creative and come up with shots beyond her original remit. We worked together to choose outfits for different settings to make sure that the colours she was wearing complemented the space, food and props that were around her. Every time we changed set up I shared some of the images on my camera with her, and those conversations led to new ideas.


Even lunch was a photo opportunity – I snapped away as Nic made some delicious scrambled eggs on toast and she took the chance to capture the finished dish for a quick instagram update!

All in all, we had a wonderful morning together and I can’t wait to see my pictures on her blog and in the publications she features in. We’re already planning an autumn/winter shoot as we had so much fun and we’re both really happy with the final photographs – you can view the full gallery here.

Read more about Nichola and pick up some great healthy eating tips by visiting her website

Remember – ‘it’s not about diets, it’s a way of life’!


PS – behind the scenes looked a bit like this! It was colder than it looks in the photographs of Nic!



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