A sunny walk in Richmond

Although summer appears to have disappeared already, last weekend was glorious and of course I had to get out in the sunshine. After a long day travelling up and down the UK on Saturday for Lydia’s bump shoot and baby shower, a good lie-in was needed on Sunday! That meant I missed out on the early morning light and any chance of catching beautiful landscapes or deer before the park was filled with people.

Richmond was heaving by the time I was up and about, and the sun was high  – creating hard shadows and white skies in landscape photographs. I switched my attention to all the colours dotted over the gardens and a smaller subject area. I’m sure plenty of the people sunbathing with a cold beer were wondering why I was down on the ground and crouching in funny positions in such heat, but there is only one way to get pictures of such delicate flowers as the ones below and that is to get close!

Richmond flowers

The hard light of early afternoon meant white flowers were positively glowing, and I had fun playing around with the aperture to change focus and create background blur.

Richmond flowers-9

I moved to a patch of daisies that were in the shade to take some of the harshness out of the picture. I much prefer this photograph for the depth of colour and the vignette effect around the edges of the frame – this is the original shot; no editing required.

Richmond flowers-7

I was feeling happy with the close up shots I was getting of the beautiful flowers, and so I started looking beyond just the colours and tried to find interesting ways of using the light. I took this photo below and noticed how the petals were creating shadows within the flowers:

Richmond flowers-11

I switched the camera back to landscape position, focussed just on the tulips, and boom – a much better photograph all round.

Richmond flowers-10

I moved away from the open flower beds and into the shrubbery surrounding the gardens. In this photo, sunshine was finding its way through the leaves to perfectly highlight the white flowers, giving the photo a different focus:

Richmond flowers-3

Although I lam really happy with this photo, later on that afternoon an accidental knock of the exposure slider in Lightroom gave a whole new depth to the original uncropped image. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this picture…

Richmond flowers-4

…with the natural light bringing out the luminosity of the white flowers and creating shadows on the leaves below. A little editing has taken the photo from pretty to the perfect piece of artwork (well, in my eyes at least!) Definitely worth braving the Richmond crowds and heat of the day to get this shot.

See the full gallery of blooming lovely images by clicking here.

N.B. These pictures were taken on a photography course walk led by Cristina of www.cristinamassei.com


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