Stokey sweethearts

What better way to warm the heart and soul on a grey Saturday morning than an engagement shoot with two lovebirds as radiant as this?! An early start on a dull day was soon filled with laughter and happiness following these two around Stoke Newington.

We started with breakfast at Cafe Z Bar, chatting preparations for the wedding in September and how they were going to pose for the photoshoot. Ev wanted ‘feeding the bride’ shots…

Ev and Breeana (2 of 57)…whilst Breeana practised her ‘posing camera face’! We decided it was time to get out and about so we headed to Clissold Park.


It was still early and so the park was very quiet – we had our pick of beautiful spots to choose from. As soon as we walked through the gate, a bench under a sprawling tree gave opportunity for some quiet time and a chance to ease ourselves into the shoot…

Ev and Breeana (13 of 57)

Ev and Breeana (20 of 57)

Ev and Breeana were starting to enjoy themselves, laughing easily and looking relaxed in front of the camera…

Ev and Breeana (11 of 57)

…so we started trying some different poses. A brick wall and a huge vine of wisteria provided a great back drop for a photo…

Ev and Breeana (24 of 57)

…and I really love this close up of entwined hands

Ev and Breeana (22 of 57)

The neutral palette of Ev and Breeana’s clothes against all different greens of the park has given me the opportunity to play with edits post shoot. I can’t decide which of these two edits I like the best – I love the full natural colour of the first photo, but the vintage tones of the second one is lovely too and gives the photo a feeling of old-fashioned romance… let me know what you think!

Ev and Breeana (33 of 57)Ev and Breeana (34 of 57)






Behind the camera, I looked like this…


…laden down with my own backpack (with Breeana’s jumper stuffed inside), Breeana’s bag, Breeana’s scarf and Ev’s coat tied around my waist – more pack horse than photographer! (PS. Love my new jacket – Zara!)

And all the protestation about posing for photographs was nonsense too – check out these behind the scenes shots of Breeana loving the camera!

Ev and Breeana (8 of 57)

Ev and Breeana (30 of 57)

Ev and Breeana (32 of 57)

A lovely morning all in all and some great shots that I hope the happy couple will enjoy – click here to see the full gallery. Looking forward to the wedding!

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