Anna et Tof – Part I

When your best friend asks you to photograph her wedding, a thousand feelings flood through you all at once; excitement, anxiety, joy, worry – all the extremes! In the end, it turned out to be the most amazing experience and such an honour to capture the images of her special day. Read how the day unfolded below…

Anna is from England and Christophe (Tof) is from France, and they live together in Stockholm, Sweden, with Tof’s son Oscar. An outdoorsy couple, they decided to get married on the island of Norro Svartso in the Stockholm archipelago and have Anna’s uncle from England officiate; however, that meant they needed to have a legal ceremony first, and so planning for ‘Anna et Tof: Part I’ began.

The couple decided to have a very small, intimate legal ceremony on the water’s edge in Djurgarden, Stockholm, where they often go running together. The ceremony involved just ten people (including the registrar and his wife), and preparation was very low-key, with Anna and Tof getting ready together at home with Oscar.

Anna et Tof-2

Anna et Tof-3

Anna et Tof-6

Anna et Tof-18

Tof then headed off to pick up Anna’s parents and the registrar, whilst I helped Anna and Oscar pack the car with champagne, bunting and flowers before heading to find the perfect spot for the ceremony.

Anna et Tof-17

Anna et Tof-22

Anna et Tof-29

On arriving in Djurgarden, we wandered out to the water’s edge and found a quiet patch of grass, complete with a picnic table for post-ceremony champagne (and perfect hanging spot for Anna’s mum’s homemade bunting!). The traffic in central Stockholm meant that – contrary to tradition – the groom was running late (see Anna having a nervous phone conversation below!) but that gave us time to have a wander and capture some very special shots of Anna in her beautiful dress. When Tof finally arrived, he ran through the trees, coolbox in hand, and swept his bride into a reassuring embrace! Meanwhile, the ‘Anna et Tof’ blackboard was causing all sorts of problems, refusing to stay in place. Eventually, Rob (Anna’s dad) decided to just hold it up instead, bringing a typical moment of comedy to the proceedings.

And so, the ceremony began. The registrar was happy for me to be photographing the wedding, but as witness I was under strict instructions to ‘stay close’ to the ceremony in order to hear everything, and so this became the ‘one lens wedding’ – I took every photo with my trusty 50mm lens.

After being welcomed to the ceremony by the registrar, Maggie (Anna’s mum) read a passage from Corinthians. This very touching moment brought over a mother duck and her five ducklings, who obviously wanted to join in! Maggie soldiered on though and the ducks waddled away again, leaving Anna and Tof to commit themselves to each other and exchange rings.

And then they were married! Tof asked to kiss his bride, to the applause of their guests (and some passing runners!).

Anna et Tof-115

The champagne was popped and the celebrations began! The guests enjoyed a drink as the sun started to disappear from the sky, before we headed around the corner for dinner.

One final picture – me with the bride! Love you lots Anna and I’m looking forward to being your bridesmaid for ‘Anna et Tof – Part II’ !!! xx

Anna et Tof-139

See the gallery of wedding photos by clicking here.


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