Baby Grace at Richmond Park

Back in May, I went to Alderley Edge for Lydia’s bump shoot and baby shower. Well, a few months on and baby Grace is here! After accidentally getting caught up in the Palace to Palace bike race, I met Grace, Lydia, her father Minter and Bow the chihuahua (who features in the bump shoot blog post too!) in the gloriously autumnal Richmond Park.

Grace was really happy in her pram, so being picked up and bounced around by Minter took her by surprise! She enjoyed it for a few moments, but once the hat came off – revealing her fabulous Mohican hairstyle! – she had grown restless and needing comforting by her mum. A stroll was in order, as well as a bottle!

Psst! Click any image to enlarge!

Fed, soothed and happy again, we were ready for a few more photos. Editing these pictures took a long time because there were so many gorgeous shots, epecially close ups of Lydia and Grace. I also enjoyed all the funny faces that Grace was pulling!

On our cycle over, Marc and I had seen deer and stags in huge numbers around Sheen Gate, White Lodge and Pen Ponds, but unfortunately Kingston Gate (where we were) wasn’t popular with them that day. However, that meant Bow was free to scamper around! He was definitely acting big brother, patrolling around the areas we were shooting and ‘seeing off’ passing walkers, and standing guard whenever we paused somewhere, meaning he pops up in so many of the pictures. I love the photo on him on the bench with Minter; there is so much tenderness here, from Lydia kissing and soothing Grace in the background to Minter reaching his hand out to them whilst watching Bow. This is a little family that loves each other dearly, all captured in one off-guard moment.

Of course, no photoshoot involving a baby AND a dog can go smoothly…someone always needs feeding, burping, exercising or soothing and neither wanted to be still, so here are a few candid shots that might not make the photo album but definitely hint at the madness behind the scenes!

Thanks to Marc for his assistance in carrying cameras, lenses and baby bags, and Lydia and Minter for the post-shoot tea and toast to warm us up! Looking forward to visiting again in a few months time to get some starting-to-walk action shots!

View my gallery of highlighted images by clicking here.

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