Week 1: #fieldsproject365

This first week of 2017 has been the exact opposite of what I intended.

It started badly, with a sudden toothache, emergency dental appointments, missing the NYE party at the Southbank Centre that I was soooo excited about and sleeping through New Years Day. Then, despite lots of planning and work before the holidays, the return to school was somewhat harder than anticipated, meaning the work-life balance resolutions went straight out of the window, no exercise got done and I’ve barely spoken to loved ones (even the one I live with!)

There is one silver lining, in that I have stuck to my #fieldsproject365 challenge. Yay! Mini-win of the week 🙂

This weeks images are:

Psst! Click any image to enlarge! 

  1. Best intentions
  2. Olympic glow
  3. Bethnal Green Gas Works
  4. Throwback Thursday – prayers in Varanasi, India
  5. Me and my succulent!
  6. A Saturday pint
  7. The Lloyd’s building – the old and the new

What I learned this week:

  • You cannot find a rubbish bin for love nor money in the City.
  • Planning is key – setting out with intent yields better results than just drifting around with the camera! The most successful shoot was the Bethnal Green Gas Works because I know the area well and knew exactly where I wanted to stand. I’ve thought for some time that I would like to capture them on camera – especially as they might soon disappear – so when the sky started changing colour so beautifully on my walk home from the station, I decided to grab my camera and head straight back out.
  • The weather can change in London just as quickly as in the countryside – when I left the house this morning, it was grey and damp. When I got home, it was grey and damp. But for half an hour in between? Blue skies and fluffy clouds over the City and some – albeit brief! – stunning light.
  • You don’t know if you don’t try. I was sat on the top deck of the bus on the way home this morning and spotted a fox rummaging on top of a skip on a deserted work site. Rather than pick up my camera (which was still around my neck), I just gawped and thought about all the obstructions that might prevent a great photograph – shooting through glass, the glass being dirty, the bus about to move any second, potentially having the wrong lens on. The result? I’m kicking myself at what might have been!
  • Photos don’t always looks as good on your laptop as they do on your camera screen! My Saturday pint picture is definitely not as in focus as I would want, but I couldn’t tell on the small screen. I need to do a lot more work on taking photographs indoors in low light; I’ve found indoor photography a bit frustrating at times this week!
  • However – I have got a lot better with my camera! Revisiting my India pics from April last year turned up a few gems, but each set of pictures gets stronger and stronger. I don’t need to take the same shot repeatedly, and I am more discerning in what I shoot. And that was an encouraging realisation!

Until next week!


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