Week 2: #fieldsproject365

The week where it all got better.

In last week’s blog post about my 365 challenge, I was bemoaning a less than ideal start to 2017. Well, this week started with a week 1 hangover and I was struggling to make proper time for my photography and my #fieldsproject365. I was feeling uninspired and struggling to think of subjects that I could capture in a short space of time, after dark and when I was tired.

But – BUT – then I met my Very Important Deadline at work and could spend three days in the company of my camera and some very lovely friends, and funnily enough all is right with the world again! I am much happier with my Friday, Saturday and Sunday images than the shots from the beginning of the week – my instagram feed will tell you when each was posted, if the quality of shots isn’t enough of a clue!

This week’s images are:

Psst! Click any photo to enlarge! 

  1. Arcelor Mittal by night
  2. Hackney hygge
  3. Naughty nephew no. 1
  4. Me and my succulents: part two
  5. Self portrait no. 1
  6. My girls
  7. Hungerford Bridge by night

What I learned this week:

  • I really love my camera. I really do, I love it and I love being creative and working out new things and experimenting. Challenging myself through this project is well worth the effort and I am really enjoying it. Hopefully I’ll still be saying this in July…!
  • It takes me a while to find my ‘flow’. I’ve noticed – especially in the last three days, when I’ve spent hours with my camera – that the first few shots I take are rubbish. Just rubbish, in every way. When I relax and give myself time to be creative and really think about the shots I want to take, I can get some really great results. I’m really pleased with the self-portrait – created using two mirrors – and I’m hopeful that taking photographs every day will mean I get quicker at finding my flow and be able to produce even when under pressure. This image was actually taken just as the camera was running out of battery and I had to move quickly once I had the idea – so maybe I’m better at this than I think.
  • Shooting self-portraits is a really good way of testing out techniques and learning more about photography. I’ve been reluctant to have a go at this – like most people, I’m not overly keen on having my photograph taken, but spending two hours in front and behind the camera gave me lots to think about with regard to poses, posture and angles. I’ll be in a better position to help subjects get their poses right if I’ve worked out tricks in advance.
  • It is worth the time and energy to set up shots properly and get the result you want, rather than re-taking shots over and over again. Really look at the shot through the viewfinder, check for stray hairs and crumpled shirts, and that your subject is in the right place in the frame. I took some portraits  for Nic’s Nutrition this afternoon throwing raisins in the air – and clearing those up three times was enough thank you very much!

On that note, there is a behind-the-scenes blog post to come mid-week of my head and exercise shots with Nic.  She got to use my new ‘home gym’ – some gym rings and a TRX suspension trainer – and we’ve got some funny GoPro / Boomerang videos to share!

Until next week!


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