Week 3: #fieldsproject365

The week of surprises!

After a visit from my Northern girls last weekend, I was feeling pretty happy with the world. There’s nothing like having a proper weekend of fun and relaxation with people you love to re-balance your life and priorities, and it was exactly what I needed after a hard few weeks at work.

I knew the weekend coming would be brilliant too, as I was heading off to Sweden with the lovely Ruth to surprise our pregnant friend Anna. We were planning to turn up unexpectedly in Stockholm and then throw her a surprise baby shower the following day. What I didn’t expect was to find my own surprise waiting for me in Sweden, in the form of my man MJ and the beautiful sapphire and diamond ring he was holding!

The images from week three are:

Psst! Click any photo to enlarge! 

  1. Old and new – London reflections
  2. A different perspective – The Leadenhall Building
  3. #myfriendsmylens, featuring Jo
  4. Light
  5. Weekend surprise No. 1
  6. Weekend surprise No. 2
  7. MJ in the morning light

What I learned this week:

  • A little bit of editing does you good – the two photographs of London didn’t look very special at first glance. In fact, here they are below:

However, some cropping, flipping and a little bit of tweaking later, I’ve got two images I am really pleased with. Sometimes images have more potential than you realise.

  • This isn’t a new thing that I’ve learned, but a reminder – It is SUCH a good feeling when you capture special moments on camera. Catching Anna’s reaction to seeing us in the Stockholm cafe was just fantastic, and there is a little series of photos that will forever take all of us back to that joyous moment. I also love how cafe life is just carrying on behind her – the best surprises are the unexpected ones (and I should know!)
  • Natural is best – light, poses, location…(I do love being outside!) – and a photo is never just a photo. The portrait of Marc is one of my favourite shots of the weekend – it wasn’t posed or staged, just me calling to him to look in my direction as we climbed a hill. We had gone out for an early morning walk so I could take photographs of the sunrise. Marc had proposed the night before, we hadn’t slept much as we had spent most of the night talking, and the morning light was beautiful. This image will always take me back to a very special moment in our lives and remind me how supportive, encouraging and surprising he is – a photograph is so much more than a beautiful image.
  • Your fiancé might not like it if you put your brand-new, hand crafted engagement ring into a pile of snow….. the snow set off the sapphire beautifully though, hehe!

P.S. A little confession – I wrote this blog post a week late and back-dated… it is fair to say that there have been a lot of celebrations and blogging has not been a priority! 


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