Week 4: #fieldsproject365

A whirlwind week…!

I’ve spent most of this week playing catch up – sleep, work, washing, photography, blogging, everything! A weekend abroad and a surprise mariage proposal – followed by an emergency trip to the dentist first thing on Monday morning – all contributed to me feeling as high as a kite and completely useless at the same time!

In all honesty, the camera didn’t make an appearance between Tuesday and Thursday. I did, however, think about photography everyday – and that is what counts! I caught up on all my editing, and organised my external storage, as well as revisiting and editing some older images. All useful things to do. The best photographs of the week came from a trip home, and a visit to the lambing shed. With the cold weather and dark nights dragging on, the new arrivals were a great reminder that spring is just around the corner…

This week’s images are:

Psst! Click any image to enlarge!

  1. Swedish sunrise
  2. Lloyd’s and Leadenhall buildings
  3. Leadenhall Market
  4. Experiments in self-portraiture and bokeh
  5. Twins
  6. Nic’s Nutrition lifestyle shoot
  7. Little monster on the farm

What I learned this week:

  • I’m much more comfortable shooting quickly outdoors and on the move now, and that has come through practice. I enjoy being outdoors and taking pictures of people and wildlife, and   I think the difference shows in my shots. Or maybe I just see the difference because I feel happier doing it!
  • By contrast, I still need to do more work on shooting indoors. I completed the editing for Nic’s shoot, and I was frustrated by the number of images that were out of focus. I’m going to do some work on using reflectors and get better at using my Speedlight too.
  • However…..! There is perfection in imperfection too… the focus on the sheep isn’t quite there, but I liked the composition – the blur of the gate along the bottom and top right of the photograph, the placement of the lambs feeding, and the position of the sheep’s head. In other images taken at the same time those things aren’t there, so sometimes you have to compromise.

This week I’m going to do some experiments with bokeh – using a string of fairy lights – and maybe some indoor sparklers too. Wish me luck!


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