Amy and Anna b and wMy name is Amy. This is me on the right of the photograph with my best friend Anna. We were in London celebrating turning 30, which was about the time I decided to get serious with my photography. I currently spend part of my working week heading up a Music department at a school in East London, but I really really love taking…

Winter Lights19…and I will take pictures anywhere and everywhere of anything! I’ll get up early to capture light like this…

Sunrise at the Sea Organ…and stay up late to get shots like this…

BrandenburgI love capturing special moments on special days…


..and extraordinary moments on ordinary days

farm-39The name Fields Photography partly refers to my home in London Fields, a fun and inspiring part of east London…

U R Beautiful…but also the fields of my childhood home in the Northamptonshire countryside, where my family still live

Young FarmerI love to travel and explore new places…


…and there is nothing I love more than being in the great outdoors with my camera

Where you go, I will followOh, and I have a soft spot for pugs!

Walkies with SampsonWant to know more?

Victoria Park

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